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Jollywatcher.com is a social networking site launching this year, perfect for those who like to be always doing things. The concept is simple, like Facebook and similar social networking sites, you create your account and have all the features you would expect. Then Jollywatcher comes in to it's own, and provides a load of custom features that make it stand out from the crowd as one of the most powerful and satisfying networking sites to date. It's soon to be in beta testing, which is open to the public, so get over and sign up to get a sneak peak early.

The guys behind Jollywatcher wanted a user friendly, entertaining concept to explain to new users what Jollywatcher was, in a way that EVERYONE could understand. I developed a 2 and a 1/2 minute clip to match a proffesionally sourced voice over, to make sure the message got across simply, and in no time, people would have signed up and would be learning just what the site has to offer. The animation will be added shortly to this site, and will also be included on the beta site.

Web Design > Jollywatcher
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