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2010 saw the launch of Version 4 of www.citech.co.uk. We wanted to develop something which just completely overshadowed every competitor in their market, where the sites tend to be very generic and dull.

A design was developed and then tweaked over a period of several months, to accomadate all the things they wanted to achieve with the site. A revamped version is underway at the moment which will replace this site. Rather than a redesign, its a reapproach to the structure and how the user interacts with the site as well as a number of features that will be unique within their industry. The V4 rebuild brought many benefits, the site's code was reduced by approximately 60%, resulting in a much quicker site with a smaller footprint. A CMS was integrated to allow CiTECH to have further control over the site and update sections such as news, operations and employment with relative ease

Web Design > CiTECH 2010
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