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Hairy Bobs II

Hairy Bobs II

Published: 03/02/09 / Discipline: Illustration / Share Send

Scarborough has a lot of skaters and a lot riders - Skate4Scarborough came together to build a brand new, fully featured, high quality skate park to provide Scarborough with a park that would make everyone else extremely jealous (and it will). The park has been designed by skaters, who know exactly what makes a good park for people of all skills. It will sit in front of Hairy Bob's cave, below the castle headland, right next to the ocean......

To support the building of Hairy Bobs Skate Park in Scarborough, the second version of this site launched in March '09. This replaced the temporary site that was launched at the start of 2008 and required all artwork to be developed for the project


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